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: : High Speed Steels

Specialty Materials Solutions LLC is the authorized representative for Cincinnati Tool Steels and for Carpenter Powder Products and the high quality powder high speed steels they manufacture and distribute.

These alloys display high wear resistance when compared to other tool steels in addition to superior ductility. Alloys such as A11«, A11LVC«, T15, M42, and Maxamet« offer excellence in performance that no other tool steel can match.

Carpente Micro-Melt« Powder High SpeedAlloy Descrip tionCrucible (CPM 1)>Erasteel (ASP 2 )Bohler Udd holm
Powder High Speed Steels
Micro-Melt M3 Type 2M3T2 High S   
Micro-Melt 23M3T2 Low S  Vanadis 23 3
Micro-Melt M4 HCM4   
Micro-Melt M4 Type 2+CoM4+Co High SREX54HS 1  
Micro-Melt 30M3+CoREX45 123/2023S590
Micro-Melt M42M42   
Micro-Melt M62M42 Co FREEREX20 1  
Micro-Melt T15T15   
Micro-Melt T15 PlusT15 Modified 2052S390
Micro-Melt M48AISI M48REX76 1  
Micro-Melt 60  60/2060 
Micro-Melt Maxamet«"Bridge Alloy"REX121 1  
Powder Cold Work Tool Steels
Micro-Melt PD #1Cr/Mo/C, 2.5V Alloy3V 1  
Micro-Melt CD #1Cr/Mo 1.00V Alloy   
Micro-Melt A11-LVCCr/Mo/C, 9V Alloy9V 1  
Micro-Melt A11Cr/Mo/C, 9V Alloy10V 1  
Sulfur in amounts up to 0.25% are often added to enhance machinability.
1 Trademarks of Crucible Materials Corporation. 2 Trademark of Erasteel. 3 Trademark of B

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